Can You Put Air Forces in The Wash? (2 method)

Owning a pair of air forces comes with the constant need to clean and maintain them. Keeping them spotless is the key to making them last longer.

So can you put air forces in the washer? You can clean your air forces by hand or by using a washing machine. Follow the steps below for whichever method you choose to use.

How To Clean Air Forces Shoes Using a Washing Machine?

Air forces can be machine washed if you follow the right steps. To machine wash your air force sneakers follow the guide below

  • Remove the shoe laces. When machine washing your shoe you should remove and wash the shoelaces separately. Shoelaces may be presoaked before hand or machine washing.

  • Stuff your shoes with shoe trees, waterproof paper, or polythene paper. Stuffing your shoes with shoe trees will prevent any shrinkage that may occur when machine washing your shoes. When using tree shoes try to use ones that are rust-proof.

  • Place your sneakers in a Laundry Bag. A laundry bag will protect your shoes from any damage while in the washing machine. You can also stuff your washing machine with old white clothes. Avoid stuffing with colored clothes that may discolor your shoes.

  • Set the washing machine to low tumble or a gentle cycle. When machine washing your shoes set the washing machine on a gentle cycle to prevent damage to your shoes. Also remember that warm or hot water is not good for leather products.

  • Dry your sneakers in a ventilated area. After cleaning dry out your shoes in a well-ventilated area. Ensure that your shoes are completely dry before using them to prevent mold growth. Do not use a dryer as it may damage the leather. Do not dry your shoes directly under the sun as it may cause shrinkage.

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How To Clean Air Forces By Hand

If you plan to wash your air forces by hand then follow along with this guide.

  • Remove Your Shoe Laces. Before cleaning any shoe, you should remove the shoe laces and wash them separately.
  • Stuff your shoes with Polythene or waterproof paper. Stuffing your shoes prevents any shrinkage that may distort the leather. Water is known to make leather soft and malleable and can distort it if there is nothing to preserve the shape.

  • Soak your Shoes. Soak your shoes in a water and soap mix. You can use dish soap, liquid soap, or powder soap. Leave the shoes in the mixture for at least an hour.

  • Scrub with a toothbrush or any soft bristle brush. After soaking you can use any soft bristle brush to remove the stains on your shoes. A toothbrush will work well. Avoid any hard bristle brush as it may damage the leather.

  • Rinse with clean water. After brushing rinse off your shoes with clean water. If there are any stains left, you may prepare another soap mix to soak your shoes. You should ensure a complete rinse with clean water to prevent any yellowing on your shoes.

  • Dry your shoes in a well-ventilated area. As with machine washing avoid direct sunlight when drying your shoes as it may distort the shoe leather. You should also avoid using a dryer as it may damage the leather(applies to any leather product).

What temperature to wash Air Force

Low water temperatures are good for washing your air forces. This is because leather may distort or shrink when exposed to high temperatures. Avoid hot water when dealing with leather products.

When washing you air forces ina washing machine just set the washing machine to a low tumble. Some machines may have this setting indicated as a slow spin cycle.

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