Can You Transport a Mini Fridge on its Side?

Mini fridges are the perfect pace saver due to to it compact design. Most mini fridge owners buy one due to the aesthetic design on the convenience of moving it around. When it comes to regular sized fridges you may realize that transporting them on their side may cause some damages. But is it the same case for mini fridges and can you transport a mini fridge laying on its side.

Can a Mini Fridge Be Transported on its Side?

Due to its compact nature a mini fridge can be transported laying on its side. Unlike regular fridges mini fridges are less susceptible to damage while laying on it side. Mot mini fridge also have a lock feature that keeps the door in place while transporting it.

Regular fridges may buckle or skew under their own weight depending on the transport conditions. Mini fridges on the other hand are less bulky and do not have this problem.

Transporting your mini fridge should be an easy affair even with limited pace in your car. You can keep on reading below to find out how to safely transport your mini fridge.

How to Transport a Mini Fridge In a Car or Pick Up Truck

When moving some appliance can be elf transported saving on moving expenses. With a little effort and a bit of safety mini fridge can be fitted in your regular pickup truck. If your are going to do this yourself please follow the steps below.

Steps to transporting a mini fridge safely?

  • Empty Your Fridge. Before attempting to transport your fridge ensure that it is empty. Do not leave anything inside especially liquid containers that may leak and cause damage in your fridge. Remember you fridge has electrical components that are susceptible to liquid damage.
  • Lifting your fridge. Alway be careful while lifting your fridge. Any accidental drop and your fridge may have it internal components damaged. Get assistance when lifting your fridge and avoid sweaty hands. Walk sideways to avoid accidental trips which may cause both injuries and damage to your appliance
  • Use padding. Prepare your truck by using padding before placing your fridge on its side. You can use styrofoam orm thick rugs. This will also secure your mini fridge from moving around while driving as it increases the points of contact. Moreover, scratches to your fridge can be minimized with padding.
  • Use a Harness. Finally you should tie your fridge down to prevent any movement while driving. This is particularly important if you place your fridge in the trunk/boot as it prevents damages to your car. WHile driving ensure to maintain slow speeds if there are a lot of curves and bends in the road you are driving on to prevent any movement of your fridge.

How Long Do You Wait to Plug in a Mini fridge After Moving it?

During moving the fluid in your fridge may shift around. This includes the coolant fluid. Make sure to give it time to rest.

A break of 12 to 24 hours should be sufficient to let the fluids settle before plugging it back in. You should also wait for you fridge to get back to temperature before using it.

Should you clean your mini fridge after transporting it?

When operational fridges have a sterile environment. This does not mean that they are not contaminated. The cold temperatures may inhibit growth of pathogens and fungus like mold.

Cleaning your fridge after transport should therefore be a mandatory practice. You can use baking soda and vinegar by following this guide here.

How long can a refrigerator lay on its side?

You can place you mini fridge or any regular fridge on its side for as long as it takes. However you should give it time to rest before plugging it back in. Give it a rest of 12 to 24 hours to let the fluids settle back.


A mini fridge can be transported laying on its side but you should give it time to settle before using it.

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