Does an Electric Dryer Produce Carbon Monoxide? (Warning)

As an alternative to gas dryers, the main question is, does an electric dryer produce carbon monoxide? Well, Electric dryers do not produce any toxic carbon monoxide fumes. This is one of the reasons most people buy them as they are good for confined spaces.

Electric dryers are quite effective in removing moisture from clothes. Despite its effectiveness, most people believe they have drawbacks such as carbon monoxide emissions.

Although electric dryers do not produce carbon monoxide, it is still important to vent your home. Electric dryers will still produce moist air and lint which can cause small damage.

On the other hand, gas dryers will emit carbon monoxide which makes ventilation an important factor during setup. Gas dryers work by burning natural gas which is a byproduct of fossil fuels.

Does an electric dryer need a vent?

Yes, like a gas dryer an electric dryer will also need a vent. Although electric dryers do not produce any carbon monoxide, they still produce moist air and lint which need to be vented.

Without a vent, your electric dryer may not be able to dry your clothes properly. Without a place to go moist air will build up and your clothes won't be able to dry. Most air in your dryer may also contribute to mold growth.

You should also be aware that an electric dryer may produce lint. Lint is flammable and may cause a fire hazard if you do not vent your dryer.

Can you vent an electric dryer indoors?

No, you should not vent your dryer indoors. You risk mold growth from the moist air that a dryer produces. The lint produced by the electric dryer can also be a fire hazard.

Dryers will also operate during the washing spin cycle and the dryer phase which increases the amount of moisture and lint produced.

How Much Carbon Monoxide Does a Dryer Produce?

The ratio of the CO2 emission for gas vs. electric dryers is 1.314 / 2.117, or 62 percent. During normal operation, a gas dryer will produce carbon monoxide which is a toxic odorless, and tasteless fume.

Carbon monoxide may cause death by asphyxiation. In a proper and safe setup, a venting outlet should be set up for the gas dryer. Do not circumvent this safety step by trying to vent your dryer indoors. Carbon monoxide poisoning is slow and lethal. Fallin asleep may be enough to kill you.

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