How High Should a Microwave Be Above the Stove?

When it comes to home appliances there are some recommended standard distances. Due to the fact that most appliances are powered, the energy they use and produce may not be kind to other appliances. Knowing the standard distances will save you from frequent repairs and replacements.

This is why you always need a proper home remodeler. So how high should a microwave be above the stove in the kitchen?

When it comes to microwaves and stoves, the recommended distance between them should be between 13 and 24 inches. This difference depends on whether your microwave is a countertop or an over-the-range microwave.

What is the standard height of an over-the-range microwave?

Kitchen appliances like microwaves are fairly standardized. This is due to the need to fit in most kitchens as possible without giving the consumer a hard time.

Most over-the-range microwaves have a standard measurement of 30″ wide, 17″ high, and 15″ to 18″ deep. This size is made to match most cabinet spaces provide above your cooktop.

Whirlpool microwave clearance above stove

In their installation guide, whirlpool recommended clearance of 13 inches over the range. There should also be a 66 inches clearance from the floor.

How Much Does It Cost To Install an Over-the-range Microwave?

Installation labor costs should range between $100 to $300 depending on the service you opt for.

For custom builds you should expect installation labor costs of between $200 and $500

Adding an electrical outlet, cabinetry, or vents costs an additional $150 to $600

Frequently Asked Questions

Are over-the-range microwaves a standard size?

Over-the-range microwave sizes may depend upon the brand. They however will fall with the dimensions of 30″ wide, 17″ high, and 15″ to 18″ deep. This should give you a standard measurement that you need to fit almost any over-the-range microwave size.

How much clearance do you need above the stove?

An over-the-range microwave will require between 13 to 24 inches of clearance above the stove and a clearance of 66 inches from the floor. If installed on the left side where the door opens then clearance of 6 inches will be sufficient to allow the door to fully open.

Do I need filler blocks for the microwave?

If your microwave does not snuggly fit in the cabinet space you have then it is recommended to use fillers. Preferably wood filler blocks should be used to avoid any damage to your cabinet woodwork.

Do all over-the-range microwaves use the same mounting bracket?

You should note that over-the-range mounting brackets are different according to the model. A new over-the-range microwave should have the recommended mounting brackets shipped together.

If you lack the proper mounting brackets then a quick amazon or google search should help you locate the mounting brackets.

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