how long does a new refrigerator take to get cold

Are you planning on getting a new fridge or already have one that you are prepping to use? Whichever the case you may need to bring your fridge up to the correct temperature before using it.

Depending on your fridge's model the time it takes to get up to temperature may vary. On average a new fridge may require up to 24 hours to get to temperature. During this stage, the power draw may be substantially high but will level out after reaching the required temperature. Fridges draw less power after it reaches the required temperature to save energy.

How can you get your fridge to cool down Faster?

If you would like to cool down your new fridge faster you can try the following steps.

  • Keep your fridge a few inches from the wall

Keeping your fridge away from the wall will allow it to disperse the heat more effectively. As your fridge cools down it will need to disperse the initial heat and a larger surface area will make this more effectively.

Is your fridge heavy? Find out your average fridge weight before attempting to move it.

  • Keep you fridge's doors closed

When your fridge is cooling down it will need to keep the cold environment it creates. Opening the fridge doors introduces warm air in your fridge and increases the workload for your fridge. Opening your doors constantly will also increase your electricity bill.

  • Put ice in the freezer

Putting ice in the freezer will drop down the initial temperature in your fridge and this results in less work for the fridge to get cool. This will also help you save on your electricity bills. This is why you are encouraged to put pre frozen food in you fridge.

  • Cool down your food before putting in the fridge

As previously mentioned above frozen food will bring down the initial temperature in the fridge. This will effectively reduce the workload in the fridge.

Can you use the new fridge immediately?

You may be tempted to put food immediately in the new fridge before even bringing it up to temperature. This is not advisable. You should leave the fridge to sit for at least 3 hours before plugging it in.

Let it stabilize overnight and the start using it the next day. The ideal setting for you new fridge should be +4C for the refrigerator and -18C for the freezer.

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