How Long Does a Spin Cycle Take on Most Washing Machines

If you have used a washing machine before then you must be familiar with a spin cycle. A spin cycle is a spin that happens after any washing machine cycle that you have chosen. most washing machines will have a spin cycle between 2 to 3 minutes. However, this can extend up to 12 minutes depending on the model of washing machine you have.

Most washing machine spin cycles are automatic and will start at the end of whichever cycle you use.

Why do washing machines have spin cycles?

A spin cycle is a cycle that automatically happens after whichever cycle you choose. But why is a spin cycle necessary?

Spin cycles act as an intermediary between your washing cycle and drying cycle. It saves you the hassle of having to remove your clothes from a soapy puddle in your washing machine bucket.

A spin cycle will also help you get your clothes drying fast. Most people will ask how long it takes for clothes to air dry and you can rest assured that it will be shorter with a spin cycle.

Spin Cycles on Common Washing Machine Brands

If you are wondering about the spin cycle time on some washing machines, we have compiled a list of some common brands here.

How long does the spin cycle take on a GE washer?

A GE washer spin cycle will run for approximately 15 minutes. This helps extract most of the water saving on drying time. This translates to better energy efficiency.

You can stop the spin cycle on a GE washer by holding the start/pause button for 3 seconds.

How long is a spin cycle on a whirlpool washer

A whirlpool washer spin cycle will run for approximately 12 minutes.

How long is the spin cycle on a Samsung washer

A Samsung washer has a spin cycle that lasts for around 12 minutes. This is enough to extract most of the water in the clothes.

How long does the spin cycle take on a Maytag washer

Most Maytag washing machines have a spin cycle that lasts for 15 to 20 minutes. This is according to their official website.

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