How Much Does it Cost to Run a Refrigerator for One Month?

Electric consumption may be one of the most important pieces of information that any household needs to know. Although the exact cost of running the fridge may vary the power consumption will still be the same. That being said the information provided below can be used to find out the exact power consumption which you can then use to determine the amount you will pay depending on your rate per KhW.

This is the Expected Cost to Run A refrigerator for One Month.

For fridges that were produced in the 1980s, you can expect power consumption of 2000 kWh per year. Therefore you can expect monthly power consumption of 167 kWh per month. If you pay for your power at a rate of $.10 per kWh then you can expect to pay around $.55 per day, $16.67 per month, and $200 per year.

For modern fridges, you can expect to have an annual power consumption of 350KWh which is 17.5 % of old fridges. This should be enough convincing for you to buy a new fridge. At the same rate of $.10 per kWh then you can expect to pay around $.10 per day,$2.9 per month, and $35 per year. The savings you should expect to save a lot with modern refrigerators.

But can you save more and how can you cut down on your electricity bills?

How to Save on Your Refrigerator's Electricity Bill.

Modern refrigerators may save money when it comes to your power bills but their efficiency may dwindle over time. So how do you keep your fridge's efficiency at its factory-made rating? Follow the steps below.

  • Clean your fridge regularly. With time your fridge's back plate may be clogged up. The backplate acts as the point of heat exchange. Keeping it clean makes sure that your fridge can effectively lose its heat and cool its contents fast.
  • Place pre-frozen/cooled food inside. When buying food that needs refrigeration, you should opt to buy food that has already been cooled. You should also make sure that you are able to immediately put your food in the fridge without allowing them to cool down. This ensures that your fridge does less work in trying to cool down the food to the required temperature.
  • Ventilate your fridge. Placing your fridge in a well-ventilated and cool place makes sure that it is able to breathe and dissipate the heat it takes away from the food.
  • Keep your fridge's doors closed. Keeping your fridge doors closed helps to maintain the required temperature. Open doors allow warmer air to flow into your fridge which is required to cool down. This is similar to how new fridges must be cooled down before using them.
  • Check your seals. In addition to keeping your fridge doors closed, you should always check the rubber seals for any damages. Damaged seals may also introduce warm air into your fridge making your fridge work harder as it tries to maintain the required internal temperature.

How to Estimate Your Refrigerators Monthly Electricity Costs?

When buying a new refrigerator one of the most important pieces of information is how much it will cost to run it. Fortunately, all appliance manufacturers are required by law to display the power consumption information to their customers. This leaves the customers with the task of verifying the information

How do you Check Your Fridges Power Consumption?

Your fridge's power consumption estimates are displayed on a sticker that is either on the front door of a fridge or on the side. The sticker will typically have black and yellow labels that display all the necessary power consumption information. This not only applies to fridges but also all appliances that you intend to buy including but not limited to microwaves.

Should the sticker not be there, all the power consumption information can still be found on the user manual. If the user manual is also not available you can opt to google the appliance model serial number and all the necessary information including the manufacture should pop up. Any appliance information is accessible on the web and you should always try that when all other primary sources fail.

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