How to Grease Washing Machine Suspension Rods?

Washing machines are one of the most commonly used home appliances in the world today. This appliance is in almost every home with frequent use.

As with any appliance that experiences frequent use, washing machines may experience problems from time to time. While some problems like motor damages require a complete replacement, some like damaged suspension rods can be fixed.

One of the most common problems you may experience with your washing machine is excessive vibrations or squeaky noises during spin and wash cycles. These two problems can be traced down to suspension rods in most cases.

Squeaky noises will in most instances be fixed with a little application of grease, preferably lithium-based grease.

How to Grease Washing Machine Suspension Rods?

Greasing your washing machine suspension rods should only take a few minutes. First, let's look at the tools you may need.

Tools Needed To Service Your Washing Machine.

  • Lithium Based Grease
  • A Wrench Set
  • A screwdriver set
  • Wiping Cloth
  • Gloves

Steps To Take While Greasing Your Washing Machine Suspension Rods?

  1. Unplug the washing machine. This is your first safety step to prevent any electrocution accidents while working on your washing machine as you will be opening the front panels.
  2. Empty the bucket. The suspension rods are located below the bucket and they support any weight in the bucket. Empty the bucket to release any tension on the suspension rods.
  3. Open the front panel. Using the current screw set open the front panel to access the inside of the washing machine.
  4. Locate the suspension rods. The suspension rods will be located below the washing basket. Washing machine suspension rods come in a set of four. The physical appearance may vary depending on the brand but most will have a spring.
  5. Clean the suspension rods. Before applying any grease wipe off any dirt that may be on the suspension rod.
  6. Grease the Suspension Rod. Proceed and apply a generous amount of grease to the suspension rod. You can wipe off any excess with the cloth that you have.
  7. Close back the Front Panel. Once you are done reattach the washing machine back in place.
  8. Plug everything back into your washing machine. The work is done and you can plug back your washing machine in place. Once operational the squeaky noises should be gone.

Did Greasing Your Washing Machine Not Fix The Problem You Had?

In some rare cases, greasing may not solve your problem. This may be an indication that your washing machine suspension rods may have another underlying issue. In this case, you should read our guide on how to tell if Washing machine suspension rods are bad.

What Kind Of Grease Should You Use On Washing Machine Suspension Rods?

Any lithium-based grease will work well in washing machine suspension rods.

You can opt to use white lithium grease which has a high-temperature rating. This Grease will work well in appliances that operate in high temperatures or on moving parts with high friction heat.

You can also use lubricants like WD40 but you may have to repeatedly apply it.

When Should You Apply Grease To Washing Machine Suspension Rods?

You may apply grease to washing machine suspension rods if you experience any squeaky noises from your washing machine.

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