How to Tell if Washing Machine Suspension Rods are Bad? 5 Top Tips

Does your washing machine have any issues that you doubt may be linked to the suspension rods? Wondering how to tell if washing machine suspension rods are bad?

Don't worry we have written the perfect article to guide you on how to tell if your washing machine suspension rods are damaged and how to fix them.

How to tell if washer suspension rods are bad(Signs)

The main sign that your washing machine suspension rods are worn out is excessive vibrations from your washing.

The suspension rods are used to minimize vibrations in your washing machine. Concrete counterweights may also be used to reduce vibrations.

If you have any vibrations then you should proceed to physically check the suspension rods.

How To Check Washing Machine Suspension rods

Washing machine suspension rods are located in your washing machine cabinet. YOu should check for worn-out or bent rods.

Remember that washing machine suspension rods are not the only reason that your washer vibrates. The problem may also be traced down to the shock absorbers.

If you identify that there are worn-out washing machine suspension rods you can proceed to replace them. You can follow the guide below.

How to replace Washing machine Suspension Rods

Washing machine suspension rods are mainly in sets of four. If any is damaged you may replace all of them or the damaged on.

It is recommended you replace all of them as you can only purchase the entire set and not individual rods. Follow the steps below to replace your washing machine suspension rods.

  • Unplug the washing machine. As with any electrical appliance, your first safety step should be to unplug it from the power source

  • Make space and move the washing machine away from the wall. Moving the washing machine away from the wall gives you space to work with it.

  • Remove the front panel. The washing machine suspension rods are accessible from the front. They are located below the washing machine drum.

  • Lift the tub and remove the suspension rods. Lifting the washing machine tub will release the tension on the suspension rods. This should make it easier to remove the suspension rods.

  • Install the new washing machine suspension rods. Once you have removed the washing machine suspension rods install the new set of suspension rods.

  • Re-install the front panel. The work is done. You can re-install the front panel and put back the washing machine in its place and plug it back in place.

How long do washing machine suspension rods last?

Washing machine suspension rods are very durable. They will last from 10 to 20 years depending on the frequency of use. To give them the maximum lifetime, you should avoid overloading your washing machine during their wash cycles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do washing machine Springs Wear out?

Yes, albeit common, washing machine springs wear out. They however take a very long time to show any signs of damage. Washing machine springs will last you anywhere from 10 to 20 years.

When should I replace my shock absorber washer?

Washing machine shock absorbers should be replaced when you notice any excessive vibrations during wash cycles. Washing machine shock absorbers help dampen vibrations and prevent any vibration damage.

How much does it cost to replace shocks on a washing machine?

Replacing washing machine shock absorbers should cost you between $150 to $300. This is entirely dependent on your washing machine brand. This is why it is important to consider factors like maintenance when choosing your washing machine.

Is it cheaper to repair or replace a washing machine?

If your washing machine has damaged components like shock absorbers and suspension rods then it is cheaper to repair them. Damage to components like the motor hub makes replacement a cheaper option.

How long should a washing machine last?

A washing machine should last you about 10 years. If you experience any washing machine issue after 10 years of use then you may consider replacing the entire washing machine.

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