How to unhook a gas dryer safely

Are you planning on disconnecting your gas dryer for repairs or any reason? Well in this article you will learn how to disconnect a gas dryer following the necessary steps and with the right tools. It should be an easy task but you are also advised to seek a professional if the need arises.

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Important Safety considerations before disconnecting a gas dryer

These are some of the safety precautions that you may need to consider if you are going to disconnect the gas dryer yourself

  • Put out any flames in your house that may cause accidental ignition of the leaked gas.
  • Avoid clicking any switches as electric sparks can also cause the gas to ignite
  • Turn off the gas valves to prevent any leakage. A gas leak can result in asphyxia and can also cause fires.
  • Safety gear like gloves can be worn if you intend to exercise more caution and are not deemed necessary as your are only opening a connection. The most important safety gear that you should have is a fire extinguisher.

Tools needed to disconnect a dryer

  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Teflon tape
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Safety goggles, face mask, & gloves

Step 1: Switch off the dryer and unplug from outlet

You should always make sure that your dryer is turned off. The best way to do this is to switch it off from the outlet and completely unplug it from the electrical outlet. You must always remember that electricity can also pose a danger in any working environment.

Step 2: Empty the dryer

To work on a dryer or any appliance you must always make sure they are empty of any foreign materials. In this case, remove your clothes. You always need a clean workstation.

Step 3:Ventilate the area

You need to work in an environment free from the gas that might leak. Build up of gases can lead to increased chances of gas ignition which may cause fire accidents. Open windows and doors to allow air in and out of the room with no obstructions

Step 4: Put out any Flames in the vicinity

Any flame that may cause gas ignitions should be put out. Naked flames can ignite the gas that is readily combustible. Avoid fire hazards

Step 5: Always keep fire fighting equipment ready for use

Accidents can occur anytime but may be stopped before any damage can be done. Always have fire extinguishers on standby and ready to use. This means that the safety pin should already be removed and ready to use at a moment’s notice.

Step 6:Turn off the gas valves

This is the most important part when it comes to safety. Turn off the gas valves. If you notice any gas valve that is faulty i.e you can hear a hissing sound even when off. please consider replacing it with a new gas valve. Always put your safety first.

Step 7:Slide the dryer out from the wall

Considering that your dryer is set up within the wall you may need to slide it out from the wall to be able to access the dryer’s gas line. This should give you access to the disconnection point

Step 8: Disconnect the dryer’s gas line

You may now proceed to disconnect the dryer’s gas line. This should be fairly easy using a wrench. You can use two wrenches if there are two opposing screws put in place.

Step 9:Secure the gas line with a cap and Teflon tape

Once you have disconnected the gas line ensure that you cap it and seal it with Teflon tape. This is a crucial step.

Step 10: Disconnect the vent duct

You may proceed to disconnect the vent duct from the wall as part of disconnecting your dryer. You can use this opportunity to clean and vacuum the vent duct

Step 11: Vent the room and check for any gas smell

You can vent your room once again and check for any gas smells. If you notice any lingering of the gas smells you are required to call a professional. You can also call a professional if you find some of these tasks too daunting. Congratulations you have done it.

When to disconnect a gas dryers(Situations that warrant this action)

Gas dryer disconnection can be done if you are in any of these situations

  • When servicing or fixing a broken dryer
  • If cleaning your dryer vents
  • If you are planning on removing or replacing your dryer
  • If you are planning on relocating to a new location/home

Is it safe to unplug a dryer?

Yes it is safe to unplug a dryer from an outlet. This should not be done too often as not to damage both the outlet and the cord. The outlet is not designed to be repeatedly plugged and unplugged.

can’t disconnect gas line from dryer?how to remove stuck gas line from dryer

In case you have a stuck gas line you may consider the following solutions:

  • Using two wrenches in opposing motion to increase torque
  • Possible use of a wrench to increase torque and nut grip
  • Using longer wrenches for more leverage

How much does it Cost to disconnect gas dryer?

If you are having doubts about your abilities and would rather have a professional handle it then you might want to know the associated costs. Such a task may take about an hour and may cost you between $50-$100. This may save you time and relieve you the cost of acquiring tools if you did not have them before. It is highly advisable to have some basic tools around still.

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