How To Use | Hamilton Beach Flex Brew Instructions(2 brewing settings)

Do you own a hamilton beach coffee maker and are unsure of how to use it? We have compiled step-by-step easy-to-follow hamilton flex brew instructions to help you out.

This unit allows you to make a carafe brew or a single-serve using self-prepared ground coffee or a k-cup. It is important to note that you can only use one side at a time.

The carafe will yield around 12 cups of coffee in a single brew.

Each side has its own water reservoir with a clear indication of the max fill line that you should not exceed. You should only use cold water in the reservoir as the coffee maker has its own heating cycle. It is not advisable to preheat the water.

Here are the required Hamilton Beach Flex Brew Instructions.

What to do Before Brewing Your Coffee.

Before brewing your coffee ensure that your coffee maker is clean. To do this:

  • Fill the water reservoirs with cold water
  • Run a brew cycle for either side
  • For the carafe, wash with cold soapy water and rinse it out. YOu may do this before running the cleaning brew cycle as an added rinse.

How to Use the Hamilton Beach Flex, Coffee Maker.

To brew on hamilton beach you can either use the single serve side or the carafe side. Whichever your choice follow the corresponding steps to brew your coffee.

Brewing on the hamilton single serve side

Here are the steps to use the single serve side.

  • Pour the required amount of cold water you intend to brew. Unlike the Keurig Coffee maker, the amount used to brew is not automated. It will use all the water in the Reservoir during the brewing process.
  • Lift the lid latch on the front side to access the ground coffee basket. You may also use the single-serve pack holder.
  • Put your ground Coffee in the included single-serve basket
  • Place back the basket in the holder ensuring that the black sieve is in place
  • Close the latch. In the case of the single-serve pack, you will hear a puncture sound indicating that the latch needle has punctured the pack.
  • Place a cup at the drip end on the single-serve side
  • On the control panel press the single serve button. (The display panel will display the single brew option to confirm your selection).
  • Press brew now and all the water in the reservoir will be used to brew your coffee.

Brewing on the hamilton carafe side

The carafe side will brew up to 12 cups per serving. Follow the steps below to brew your coffee.

  • Lift the closing lid to access both the water reservoir and the coffee basket.
  • Pour the required amount of cold water into the reservoir. As with the single-serve option, all the water in the reservoir will be used during brewing. Ensure that you match the amount of water with the required serving you intend to brew.
  • Place a paper filter in the brew basket and add your ground coffee.
  • Close the lid
  • On the controls press the carafe option. To confirm your selection the display will show a carafe indicator.
  • Press the brew now button to start the brewing process.
  • Once it is done brewing the coffee maker will automatically go into keep warm for two hours before shutting down.
  • During brewing, the carafe can be taken out to serve coffee and the coffee maker will automatically stop flowing. To prevent any overflow, you must put back the carafe before 20 seconds are over.

How to Set the Coffee Strength on the Hamilton Beach Flex Coffee Maker.

The coffee brew strength can be set manually for either the single serve or the carafe brew.

To set the coffee brew strength press the brew strength button on the control panel. To confirm your selection a bold indicator will appear on the display

Note that the bold/strong coffee will take longer to brew than your regular coffee.

What does the blinking blue light beside the brew button do in a hamilton flex coffee maker?

You may notice that there is a blue blinking light in your hamilton coffee maker. This is your brewing cycle indicator.

The blue indicator shows the brew cycle. When doing a carafe brew it will continue blinking after the brew to indicate the automatic keep warm feature that comes standard in the hamilton flex brew coffee maker.

How Much Ground Coffee Should you Use On the Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker?

This is a personal choice depending on how strong you like your coffee.

However for a standard tasting coffee you should use about 6 grams per cup of coffee. This is neither too strong nor too weak.

How do you use the hamilton beach flex brew keep warm feature?

The hamilton beach flex brew coffee maker comes with a keep warm feature that can be used when brewing the carafe coffee.

The keep warm feature will automatically turn on after the carafe brewing cycle is done. This feature will remain on for 2 hours before turning off to save on your electricity bill.

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