Sunbeam Heated Blanket Blinking or Flashing Red

If you have purchased a sunbeam heated blanket then you must have experienced at least one or more error codes. This is common and it should not come as a surprise.

Why does a sunbeam blanket blink red?

Sunbeam blankets will blink in different colors to notify you of any error. Blinking error lights may be triggered due to incorrect thermostat settings, or poor power connection.

On top of this sunbeam, heated blankets will stop functioning completely if there is no power supply. This may be the biggest culprit of your sunbeam blanket errors.

How to Fix Sunbeam Heated Blanket Flashing Red

Most sunbeam errors will be fixed with the following steps.

  • Unplug your sunbeam blanket from the power supply.
  • Check that the power cord is connected to the supply module
  • Plug the blanket back into the power supply and switch it back on.

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