Top 5 Best Jet Ski Boat Attachments for sale.

Ever needed to own a boat attachment for sale but did know where to start. No need to worry as we have compiled a list of the 5 best boat attachments that you can buy right now. Read on to find which one suits your needs.

Sealver Wave Boats

The sealver wave boat company is located in France. They however export most of their wave boats to countries like New Zealand, Canada, Australia and also the US. Their official website describes their series of jet ski boat attachments as the easiest way to transform your jet ski to a boat in a matter of seconds.

The detachable jet ski socket allows you to easily disconnect the wave boat once in the water and enjoy your jet ski as those in the boat relax.When not connected to your jet ski the attachment slot can be covered by the inflatable matters giving you more room to relax.

When it come to the ealver wave boat you are spoilt for choice a they produce 5 different models. Here I a table of their model and specifications.

ModelLength(feet and inches)Beam(feet and inches)Weight(Lbs)Passengers

Sealver Wave Boat compatible Jetski Brands and models

Yamaha Models Compatible with Sealver Waveboats

These are the yamaha models that are compatible with the sealver wave boat models.

  • Jetski Yamaha-FZS-PWC
  • Jetski Yamaha -FX 2009-2011
  • Jetski Yamaha -FX 2012-2015
  • Jetski Yamaha -VX 2009-2014
  • Jetski Yamaha -VX
  • Jetski Yamaha -GP
  • Jetski Yamaha -Y-FX 2020
  • Jetski Yamaha – FZR SVHO

Seadoo models compatible with Sealver Wave Boats

These are the seadoo models compatible with sealver wave boats.

  • Jetski Sea-doo GTI
  • Jetski Sea-doo GTR
  • Jetski Sea-doo GTX
  • Jetski Sea-doo GTX 2019
  • Jetski Sea-doo RXP
  • Jetski Sea-doo WAKE PRO R
  • Jetski Sea-doo WAKE 155
  • Jetski Sea-doo FISH PRO

Kawasaki models compatible with Sealver Wave Boats

These are the Kawasaki models compatible with sealver wave boats.

  • Jetski Kawasaki- ULTRA
  • Jetski kawasaki- ULTRA LX
  • Jetski kawasaki- STX

Dockitjet Boats.

The dockit jet ki powered boat features an inflatable hull. The dockitjet is compatible with any jet ski model and can comfortably carry up to 6 people at the recommended speed of 25 mph.

The inflatable hull gives it increases stability making it almost impossible to tip over. The also have additional inflatable stabilizer which can be good in condition like PWC fishing.

Dockitjet inflatable sponsons offers a space solution that increases your Boat attachment space by 33%.

SeaQuester JetSki Boats.

Seaquester jetskis is a company located in australias gold coast. Seaquester jet skis are considered a luxury brand. As with any luxury brand sequester offers customization to any of its jet ski powered attachment models

The sequester offers two models the Seaquester 530F and the Seaquester 530S. Below are the pecs of each model. Both models share the same specs 208″(530cm) in length and 85″(216cm) beam length and a weight of 772 Lbs or 350 Kgs.

Both model can comfortably carry around 4 to5 people each.

2 Eazy Jetski Powered Boats.

The 2 Eazy jet ski powered boat attachment is a popular company based in Australia. They however only offer one model that will compatible with any jet ski that ha a 160-310 HP engine.

One of the most important factor about their boat attachment is their customization feature that is offered to their customers to fit any jet ski of their liking upon purchase.

Sanj Jetski Powered Boats

Sanj which is a shortform of the brand sanjiag is a boat attachment manufacturer based in China. They are a specialized group who focus on manufacturing Pwcs for export and local consumption. They will export to any country outside of china upon placing an order.

They currently offer two models of the boat attachments namely:

  • SJFZ16 that has a sturdy fiberglass hull which is 5.16 M long, 2.51 M wide and has a weight of 450Kg. It can comfortably carry 6 passengers.
  • The other model has a specification of 6.4m long and 2.86m wide which can fit 8 passengers.

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