What does NaN miles mean?

When it comes to online purchases of used vehicles, NaN is a common term that you may come across. It is always important to check the description of any used vehicle you intend to purchase.

What do NaN miles mean then?

NaN is an acronym for “not a number”. This is mainly used in the description by sellers who wish to inform any potential buyer that there is no value associated with the miles accrued by the vehicle.

NaN miles may also be an indication that a valid number was not entered correctly into a computer system.

This is a common sales tactic used by sellers in the hopes that interested parties will call them to negotiate the price.

What Does Nan Miles Mean On A Boat?

When it comes to boats, mileage is measured in nautical miles, unlike cars which are measured in miles.

If for example a boat is put on sale on Facebook or any other online marketplace, you are required to input the mileage of the said vehicle. In most instances, boat owners will input N/A and online marketplaces may not be able to read this as a number, therefore, displaying the NaN sign.

In most cases, the sellers may be aware of the situation of their listing as they are usually shown a preview. With the knowledge that NaN is displayed in such cases, some sellers have been able to use this to their advantage to negotiate prices.

Some sellers know that standing out will give them a better chance of being contacted by the buyers and some will knowingly let this error pop up in the hopes that you contact them to negotiate prices.

What Does NaN Miles Mean on Facebook?

This expressly means that Facebook was not able to pick a numerical character in the input field. This is common mostly on vehicle sales listings in the marketplace.

If you are the seller you need to enter a numerical value to remove this. This however is a good sales tactic if you want more buyers to contact you.

The lack of mileage information encourages more interested customers to contact you as they try to find out more about the listing.

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