What is the average weight of a washing machine?

You may probably be thinking about moving and would like to know the average weight of a washing machine you intend to move with. Knowing your washing machine's weight will make it easier to move it. You can find out how to move a heavy washing machine.

Most washing machines that fall in the mid-sized category and are top-loaded will weigh about 150 pounds(68 kg). On the other hand, midsized front loaders may get as heavy as 200 pounds(90 kg).

These can be broken down to :

  • heavyweight washing machines
  • lightweight washing machines

Heavyweights: Top Loaders and Front Loaders

Top Loader Models: Top Load washing machine weight in Kg/Pounds

  • GE GTAN2800DWW — 155 pounds/70 Kg
  • LG WT4970CW — 147 pounds/66 Kg
  • Samsung WA45H7000AW — 126 pounds/57Kg

Front Loader Models: Front Load washing machine Weight in Kg/Pounds

  • Whirlpool WFW95HEDC — 244 pounds/110 Kg
  • GE GFWS2600FWW — 244 pounds/110Kg
  • LG WM4270HVA — 200 pounds/90Kg

Why are Washing Machines Heavy?

You may be wondering why washing machines are that heavy, to begin with. If a washing machine was not heavy enough you would have excessive vibrations and it would probably dance across the floor.

You may find that most washing machines have a concrete weight installed in them. In addition to this, all washing machines come with shock absorbers to lessen the effects of the vibrating electric motor.

Heavyweight Vs Lightweight Washing machines?

When it comes to choosing a washing machine you may be tempted to choose one that is lightweight for easier moving but this may not be the best idea. Most of the time you will not be moving and you will have the washing machine with you.

Lightweight washing machines tend to vibrate a lot. They will also wear out their shock absorbers quickly.


On average a front load washing machine will weigh a maximum of 230 pounds(104 Kg).

On average a Top load washing machine will weigh a maximum 0f 170Kg(77 Kg)

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