What type of pans should you use on a gas stove?

There may be many reasons why you would like to use a gas stove. Electric heaters, being one of the most widely used sources of heat, becomes rather useless when going off the grid. But does the same cookware that can be used on electric heaters still work on gas stoves?

The ideal cookware for gas stoves would be made of steel or should the cookware be made of copper aluminum, it should be laminated or coated with another metal. This provides a non-reactive metal surface on cookware that is safe to use for food.

Another alternative can be cast iron but it is slow to heat and becomes uneconomical when used on gas stoves.

Can You Use Any Cookware for a Gas Stove?

For any cookware to be gas stove friendly it should be made of metal. Preferably it should be made of laminated or coated metal. Rather than only one type of metal, it should have:

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is mainly used in making cutlery and kitchen utensils. This is because of its unreactive nature ensuring it does not change the flavor of anything cooked in it.

On the other hand, it is not the best heat conductor and will probably waste a lot of gas as it get-ups to heat.

To counter this stainless steel is mainly laminated with other heat conductive metals like copper and aluminum.


Cookware made with aluminum is good for gas stoves as the metal itself is conductive. The only problem with aluminum is its low strength. Pure aluminum is susceptible to denting and scratching.

Most aluminum utensils will be anodized by being heated to create a protective and non-reactive layer. This is the reason why aluminum cookware should only be cleaned with a soft scrubber and soap.


Being a good heat conductor, cookware made with copper is some of the best cookware for gas stoves. They offer both durability and fast heating times.

However, most copper utensils should be coated with another metal. This is because copper is reactive and can change the taste of food.

Which Cookware Should You Avoid on Gas Stoves?

Some materials may not be recommended to be used on gas stoves. This may be due to either their slow cooking times or their intolerance to high temperatures. For gas stoves you should avoid cookware made with:


Ceramic cookware is not very durable. Although they are made using high temperatures ceramic can get damaged with repeated exposure to high temperatures.

You may however use ceramic cookware in microwaves.

Cast iron

In most cooking instances cast iron may be used but they are very slow to heat. Cast iron retains its heat for a long but may take time to get up to temperature.

When using gas stoves, it is advisable to use cookware that saves time. This saves on your cooking gas.


Glass cookware may also take some time to heat up. You may also find that some glass cookware may crack when exposed to high temperatures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use an induction pan on a gas stove?

Yes, most induction pans are made of laminated metal due to their requirement to be magnetic for the induction heater to work. The metals used are either stainless steel or copper with a nonstick coating which should be fine to use on gas stoves.

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