Who Makes Roper Appliances?

Ever wondered about who makes roper appliances? You may be a proud owner of a Roper appliance but still have no idea where they are made.

Why not get informed in this article about where your roper appliance comes from?

Who Makes Roper Appliances?

Roper appliance is owned and controlled by the whirlpool appliances corporation. It is safe to say that they are responsible for the manufacture of all roper washers and dryers.

The Roper brand was acquired by the whirlpool corporation in 1989. Since then all manufacturing has been done by whirlpool with the Roper brand beneath it.

Whirlpool is notorious for its company acquisition tactics. Being a huge brand, whirlpool has gone on to acquire many more brands under its belt. Here are some of the other brands you may have heard of that are also owned by the Whirlpool Corporation.

  • Maytag
  • Amanda
  • KitchenAid
  • Ignis
  • Indesit
  • Brastemp
  • Estate
  • Gladiator Garageworks
  • Consul
  • Roper

From the above list, it is evident that the whirlpool corporation is a powerhouse when it comes to home and kitchen products.

Is Roper washer a good brand?

When it comes to shopping for the best appliances, most customers are always looking for the best value for their money. That being said, appliance brands play a good role in deciding on quality.

This notion, however, may cause some customers to miss out on otherwise perfectly good brands. You, as a consumer may also be psychologically tricked into thinking that a certain brand is better without necessarily comparing the two brands.

I may go on to ramble about the effects of judging based on a brand but the main question still remains: Is roper washer a good brand?

From the above, we know that the Roper brand is owned and manufactured by Whirlpool in the same factories that manufacture the whirlpool washer brands. You can rest assured that all Roper washers will have an almost identical quality to whirlpool washers.

If you are spotting a good deal on a Roper washer then please go ahead and take full advantage as you will be receiving the same quality.

How Long Do Roper Washing Machines Last For?

Home appliances will last depending on how you maintain them. On average a good washing machine should last for around 11 years.

When it comes to Roper washing machines, there may have been reports or reviews by customers saying that they broke done in a matter of months. The same brand however will also have positive reviews.

You should however know that breakdowns aren't localized to a single brand only. Your favorite “tough” brand may also break down in a matter of months depending on how you take care of it.

How To Take Care of your Washing Machine

Here are a few common tips on how to take care of your Roper washing machine to get the maximum lifespan out of it.

Keep it Clean. It is easy for your washing machine to get clogged up if you don't clean it regularly. Detergents and soap may form scum which may clog up your drain pipes. To avoid this always run a rinse cycle after using your washing machine.

Clean Your Filter. The filter is the most important part of your washing machine. It will collect all the fluff, forgotten coins, and debris that may cause blockages in your washing machine drainage pipes. Always check your filter every 3-4 uses.

Are Roper appliances made in the USA?

Being a whirlpool-owned corporation, Roper has all its products made in whirlpool factories. It is a known fact that whirlpool has many factories around the world, but each factory has its own main product. They don't produce everything everywhere.

Here are some whirlpool factories that are known to produce Roper appliances:

  • Amana, Iowa
  • Marion, Ohio¬†
  • Fall River, Massachusetts
  • Cleveland, Tennessee
  • Findlay, Ohio
  • Ottawa, Ohio
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma

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