Why is My Microwave Not Heating Things Up?

When it comes to modern homes most kitchens will be equipped with a microwave. This marvel of technology will help you in most of your cooking and heating jobs.

Being a mechanical device it comes with its fair share of problems. Although not frequent they can give you a headache trying to figure out what is wrong. The most frequent question you will have people searching for is “why is my microwave not heating things?”.

The problem of microwaves not heating things can be traced to two main problems most of the time.

  • Faulty microwave diode
  • Burnt out heating Element

Why is my microwave not heating [Causes]

1. Faulty microwave diode

When this is the case you may have your microwave running but not heating things.

The diode is responsible for allowing current to flow in one direction only. A faulty microwave diode will result in a short circuit. The current will flow in both directions.

This problem is inexpensive to fix. You will have to buy an exact match to the diode in your microwave and change it. You may be able to change it yourself if you have basic electronic skills to test and replace a broken diode.

It is still advisable to exercise caution and consult a qualified technician if you are not sure of what you are doing. Remember that you may void your warranty if there is an existing one.

2. Burnt out heating Element

A microwave that runs and doesn’t heat food may have a broken heating element.

A microwave relies on a magnetron which produces microwaves to heat your food. A failing magnetron will most likely take out other parts like the fuse.

A failed magnetron cannot be fixed and has to be replaced. You should be extremely cautious if you are going to test the magnetron yourself. It would be best if you discharged all capacitors. They are high voltage and can cause serious injury.

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Other Problems That Can be Experienced With a Microwave

A microwave can also have other problems that can cause it to malfunction or not function at all. These problems include:

Microwave plate not spinning

If your microwave plate is not spinning, this problem can be traced to a faulty motor.

The spinning glass plate is responsible for even heat distribution in a microwave. It does this by rotating the food and exposing them to even microwave distribution.

If it does not spin then your food may not be evenly heated. This is not a major problem.

Microwave making noise

If your microwave is making a low buzzing sound then it is not a cause of concern but part of its functionality. On the other hand, if there is a rattling sound then you may have some of the following problems.

  • A faulty drive motor spins the glass food plate.
  • A faulty magnetron that causes excessive buzzing or humming noise. This can be replaced with a new one.
  • A faulty plate roller might be causing the plate to rattle as it moves around.
  • The faulty cooling fan may be misaligned causing some vibrations.

The microwave starts then stops

Why is My Microwave Not Heating Things Up?

If your microwave starts then stops when you switch it on then this may be because of a broken door seal. The microwave is designed to run only if the door seal is properly locked to prevent exposing the user to harmful microwaves.

This problem can easily be repaired by replacing the door seal. Contact a qualified technician for this step.

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