Why is My RV Fridge Not Working on Electric?

Electrical problems are so common that the top search on google is “why is my RV fridge not working on electric”. This should put you at ease knowing that you are not alone when it comes to RV electric problems

As with any common problem, there is always a solution. In this case, I will tell you the cause of the problem and possible ways of troubleshooting it.

In an RV anything on its electrical like ac units and fridges connection may fail if the batteries are completely drained or if the electrical circuit is damaged. Should your mini fridge work but not cool its contents then you should check for a coolant leak.

How is Your Rv Fridge Powered- Electricity or Propane?

Before attempting to diagnose your fridge problem, you should first identify the primary power source.

When it comes to RVs, refrigerators can be powered by electricity or propane gas. Should your fridge be powered by propane, then you can trace the power failure to an empty or faulty gas line.

You should always opt to power your RV fridge with propane gas. This is mainly due to the fact that electricity in your RV is limited to your battery capacity. A fridge may deplete your batteries in a few hours compared to gas which can last for over a month.

why is my RV fridge not working on electricity?

Below are some of the most common problems that can cause your RV fridge not to work on electricity.

Tripped Circuit Breakers

As a safety regulation, all RV fridges' electric circuitry is wired through a circuit breaker switch. This is to prevent any damages that may occur due to overcurrent. On top of that, there is a fuse that is likely to blow up just in case the circuit breaker fails.

To fix this problem check whether the circuit breaker is in the off position. Reset it back to the on position and try switching on the fridge.

If the fridge fails to run check for a blown fuse and replace it with the correct rated fuse. A fuse rating is written on its side.

When turned on press the reset button in your fridge to reset the fridge.

Inclined Vehicle

If your fridge is running but not cooling then an inclined vehicle may be the culprit.

Unlike big fridges, Rv fridges are not equipped with compressors to save on space. Instead, they come with a gas absorption cooling system.

The heating element heats the gas which rises and circulates through your fridge. If the vehicle is inclined the gas may not be able to rise.

Damaged Heating Element

As previously mentioned above, an Rv fridge does not come standard with a compressor but instead uses a gas absorption cooling system.

The primary component in this system is the heating element which heats the gas for it to rise and circulate through the fridge.

The heating element may not function due to a damaged control board or a damaged heating element itself.

A damaged heating element means the overall functionality of your fridge is impaired.

Poor Insulation

In comparison with normal home fridges, Rv fridges are not as efficient. This is due to their need to consume low power.

Any damage to the fridge insulation will result in less cooling effect. Your fridge insulation will either be foam boards or vacuum panels.

Check for any physical damage.You can do a paper test to check if the door is still closing fully.

Leaking Colling Unit

The fridge cooling unit consists of ammonia, hydrogen gas, water and heat.

All this elements are enclosed any will result in reduced efficiency if any of them is leaking. Ammonia is pungent and can be detected with a simple sniff. Opening the back panel will give you access to the components that store the ammonia.

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